Monday, 9 October 2017


It's that time of year again: autumn, cold temperatures, frost's creeping in, colours changing on a daily basis. Such a beautiful time to get out and about on a day off (what's one of those again?) and explore areas of this wonderful country of ours (or yours, if you are reading this overseas). 

It is also "that" time of year again. You know the one? That's right. I've sent Clive up into the attic where he's fought cobwebs, been attacked by a giant cactus (one day I will get around to using it in a window display). He's had Cordelia's hand smack him on the back of his head (she doesn't get out much these days). He's dealt with dust, and banged his head on more that one occasion (our attic is not very high). He did all this, so that I could have down the boxes of Halloween bits and pieces, because it's "That time of year again" :) 

Those of you who are regular visitors to the shop, who know me, or who just follow our social media bits and pieces, will know how much I love Halloween (although not the trick-or-treating part). Every year I forward plan (I already have ideas for next year). Every year the plans I had go completely out of the window and I make it up as I go along.

This year, originally, I was going for a green and white theme - I know, not typical Halloween colours, but where's the fun in doing the same as everyone else? However, after my camping expedition when Vlad joined us, I changed my mind, opting instead for a Hawaiian Theme - Vlad really does rock a grass skirt. As a result, this year everything is bright pink, turquoise, yellow and orange, with a bit of 'traditional' thrown into the loop. 

It still didn't go exactly to plan (I'm not entirely sure anything ever does) however, I was quite pleased with the finished result and have had some lovely comments. The best reaction though was when a lady came in, looked around and said "Wow; I love this". I don't mind admitting I committed one of the '7 deadly sins' and felt quite proud of myself at that moment :) 

In this job we spend a lot of time being serious, dealing with such sad occasions, it's nice to be able to show that floristry can also have a fun side to it, whilst remembering that we are dealing with sadness, so everything has to be kept tasteful. I think, this year, I've "pulled it off" - ooh, there's that sin again.