Friday, 2 May 2014

Window Ideas

Actually, before I get into the whole chat about window displays, please first let me apologise for the dire spelling on my last blog post - I was going to edit the post once the mistakes were pointed out to me, but by that time over 3000 people had already read through it so I decided to leave it just as it is. I shall definitely make sure this post - and all others from now on - are proof read (more because I don't like being told off than anything else :) ) 

So; the window displays. As those of you with a business will know, your window is one of the best forms of advertising that you can do, and is also great for showing off how good you are at doing what you do - Word of mouth is (and always will be) the number one and best form of advertising there is though without a shadow of a doubt. 

Over the past 8 years I've tried to change the display in the window every month; that's so far a total of 95 ideas I have had to come up with. Sometimes I've chosen a specific theme - the Glamour of Hollywood being a particular favourite - and I have ideas for a Space and Under the Sea display for later in the year - wait until December 2015 when I can set myself loose on a Star Wars one to celebrate the release of Episode 7 - but until then I still have many months of window ideas to come up with.  This is where you - lovely customers of ours - come in. I want to pick your brains and would love you, your kids, parents, friends or anyone you may meet out on the street, to pitch your window display ideas to me. Obviously they have to be windows that are suitable for all ages - the Dominatrix one someone suggested a while back is not really appropriate - but all ideas will be considered, and hopefully many of them will be used. If your kids come up with the theme, I would love it if they wanted to also come up with the design idea's as well - I would then do my best to make whatever they think should be included. Their name would be incorporated in the slideshow that we have running in the window as the inspiration for it, and of course I would love to be able to add them into a blog about how they came up with the idea, and how both they and myself, have bounced ideas off each other to make their vision a reality, so get your thinking caps on and let me know. You can click on the Email link in the right hand panel of this blog; that will take you through to an email address. In the subject bar mark it as Window Display and share your ideas with me. You'd be amazed how many people see the window every day - even I forget just how many people pay attention until I change it to something different and then people flock in to pass their comments and judgements.

The dimensions if you want to actually design the theme, rather than just supply the ideas are 

Width - 82.5 inches
Height - 40 inches
Depth - 19 inches

I look forward to hearing all of your ideas and thank you in advance for giving my brain cells a bit of a break :)

Going back to the beginning of this post where I mentioned word of mouth being the best form of advertising, we would really appreciate it if any of you that have used our services would be willing to jot down a few words (in review form) on either our google or facebook pages. We get so many letters, phone and emails which are wonderful but very little online, and it's the online reviews that help new customers to find us when they do a google search - but also help them make a better informed decision about whether they should buy from us, or our competitors. Thank you; you really are the best.