Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Be Aware - It may NOT be us

So yesterday thanks to one of our lovely customers, it was bought to our attention that google searching our shop - ie typing into the search bar Moonstones Flowers/Florist Fareham - can end up with you believing you are ordering either online, or via the telephone at our our shop, when you may in fact not be ordering from us at all, but from a shop that we have NO ties with whatsoever, so we ask you all to be extra vigilant when you place an order online, or telephone us.

Now to confuse matters we do have 2 websites; one that is our own, and another we use that belongs to the Direct2Florist network - this connects other local florists to each other.

BOTH of these websites have OUR personal branding on, so please, if you visit what you think is our page and it doesn't look like either of the photographs below, be aware you will NOT be ordering via us. You will in fact be using another shop who are not affiliated with us in any way, shape or form.

Screen shot of OUR website.

Screen shot of our Direct 2 Florist page - this again has OUR name and products on it

Thankfully the customer that bought this to our attention realised what had happened, and canceled the order she had placed with the other shop, who then told her they had already sold the bouquet they'd made up for her - this in itself is shocking, as had the lady arrived at the other shop to collect her flowers they wouldn't have been there waiting for her. 

We have no idea how long this has been going on for, but it would explain a conversation I had last Monday with a customer who came in to complain about the flowers she had received the day before for Mothers Day. She was adamant she had ordered through us, but I had no record of her order and alarm bells sounded when she said there had been a problem with the delivery date. We were finally able to ascertain that the flowers did NOT come from our shop when she told me there was a sachet of flower food attached to the bouquet; as you are all aware I REFUSE to buy flower food, as it's a gimmick that has no effect whatsoever on how long your flowers will last. It in fact transpired that the shop that sent out the flowers the lady was complaining about, did so without any branding on their packaging whatsoever - again this is something we do not do. Even our care cards are printed ourselves so they have our own branding on; we won't use the generic ones that can be bought from any wholesaler. 

The thing that concerns me more about this, is how many orders have this other shop been able to filter to themselves? and how many of those have been of poor quality for which the customers that placed their order, and spent their hard earned money on, believe came from our shop? Also, how many other shops are they doing this too?