Tuesday, 11 June 2013

HRS Princess Anne - The Princess Royal

and the WRNS; that's what we've been up to recently.

We are lucky enough to be asked to provide the flowers for the annual visit from Princess Anne - The Princess Royal - to the WRNS meeting (of which she is a patron). In keeping with the no nonsense attitude the Princess portrays (the visit is not televised or advertised in any way and is kept as a low key event for all those involved) the flowers we are asked to supply we must keep simple and to a minimum.  They don't go over the top flouncy but we are asked to make them in the colours that match their theme, which is blue and gold.

This year the weather conspired against us slightly as it was particularly hot the day the flowers were required; as any of you that purchase/grow flowers on a regular basis will be aware, not only are blue flowers exceptionally hard to get (in a royal blue - you can get mauve blues and purples that some people will sell as blue) but they are also the weakest and most susceptible to hot temperatures. As you can see from the photo above the Iris have opened (they were tight in bud on the morning of delivery).  We also included so Delphinium, along with gold carnations, cream stocks (you can't beat the scent from fresh stocks) and Chrysants in Gold and yellow.. I think we managed to tie the colours in perfectly  (even if we do say so ourselves)

I like to think the Princess has her head tilted back because she is thinking about how she could get hold of us, and get us to organise the flowers for all the events she attends :)

Not to be left out we did also have to make a small tied bouquet to be presented to the Princess; something that always makes us feel proud (Sarah has previously made them for the Queen herself and Princess Diana - these sadly weren't photographed at the times) when we are asked to make these flowers; but then we are always proud when we are asked to make flowers and bouquets for ALL our customers. At the end of the day each and every single customer we deal with is as important as everyone else; nobody is more (or less) important to us. 

For the Princesses bouquet we used Yellow Roses, Cream Germini, and Blue Veronica. Simple yet effective we think you will agree.