Wednesday, 21 September 2011

We have

the most gorgeous vases in the shop right now. Well we think they are and so far the customers that have seen them are loving them too. We've already taken orders for some for Christmas so the signs are looking good. 
Sorry about the photography of them. I forgot to take some pics before I put them in the window for the display. The photo doesn't do them justice so why not pop along to the shop and have a look for yourself. Priced at £19.75 they are an absolute bargain.  From 12-14" in height they are a great size and will make a lovely ornament in an ultra modern, or traditional style home. With flowers in they will set off a dining room table superbly.
We currently also have on order some lovely decorated tin watering cans, jugs and planters.  Will post photos when they come in along with the prices on the individual items.

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