Monday, 26 September 2011

New Website

Well it's not new really. It's the same one we've always had but we've been updating. :o)

As you can see we've not only changed the background colour to a more calming shade of lilac, we've added quite a few extra features. There is now a direct link from the site to this blog, either via the buttons on the left hand side, or via the scrolling blog links at the bottom of the page.
We have added many more categories to the site and then broken these down into sub categories making it even easier to find exactly what you may be looking for.

We've also changed the pictures we had on there, or re-jigged the ones we had to neaten them up a bit and make them more photogenic. 

You may also have noticed the little "Questions" box at the bottom right of the screen (you can't really miss it as it's quite a bright orange colour). This is a new feature we've added (I keep saying We when really Clive is the one that deals with the website and finds all the extras we have on there, sets it all up and gets it working properly.. All I do is make the items, take the photos then sort out the backgrounds on them to make them more presentable). It seems to be working really well and I've got to speak to many people via the chat system that may not have bothered to telephone or email, so it's a great way of reaching out to and dealing with more customers than I may have previously done. In this technologically advanced world some people don't like to speak directly to another person, or they may not be able to pick up a phone at work to ask a question, so this is a great find. Most office workers are able to sit at their desk and send a message, whereas they may not be able to use a telephone. Give it a try. It lets you know if I'm about and available to chat, so why not drop me a hello. Would be nice to see if people are linking from here to there and vice verse.

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