Monday, 19 September 2011

New Baby

Now I've never understood that. What do we say New Baby? It's not as if you're going to get an old or second hand one!!  However. I digress and we have some lovely New Baby bits and pieces in. We wanted a range of tatty style teddies in both pinks and blues, but were only able to get one large blue on but he is lovely.  The photo below is of the tatty style one. Standing 14inches high he's a really good size and very well priced :o) 
We also picked up some china pots for arranging flowers in for new babies. They're not something we would normally get involved with, but we've been asked a few times for them and couldn't resist when we got to the wholesalers and found them. They are very sweet. 
It's all looking very blue on here. We do have some pink teddies too along with a varied selection of the china pots. Why not check out the website for the full range

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