Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I've been told off

Apparently I waffle too much about things I don't really need to waffle about. That's what we like to hear. Feedback (regardless of what kind) is always good so thank you for pointing that out (you know who you are) However in my defence I do get excited about the work we do (even after all this time) and am proud of how well business is and the wonderful feedback we are constantly getting. Another 3 cards in the past 2 days. 
The shower bouquet we've recieved a thank you for this week :)

The table decoration for the beautiful orange wedding that we had thanks for the day after and have recieved a card for this week.

The fabulous, funky coloured handtied we have also recieved a thank you that we made at the end of July. Sadly I had to take the photo on my phone and it's not picked up the colours as they should be. The gerbera that look purple were actually cerise pink and the peachy looking roses were a bright orange. It was fab and funky.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Is really all I can say to the phenomenal amount of Thank you's we are getting at the moment. It's actually quite embarrassing in one way but exceptionally wonderful in another. It seems as if 90% of every customer that recieves/sends an order is phoning, popping in, sending us a card or an email to say thank you. It makes me feel immensely proud. It's also very humbling. At the end of the day I am just doing my job so for these people to take out the time to let me know they were pleased with the items I have made for them is wonderful. It makes dragging myself out of bed on a wet, miserable day like today so worth while.  I have added a thank you page to this blog but can't put them all on there or it will look as if we are getting carried away. Plus I'm not sure there would be enough space. What I think I will do is change them every couple of months or so. Have just thought about it and why is blowing our own trumpet a bad thing? If people have taken the time to say thank you then we should celebrate that and enjoy it for what it is. 
We'd like to say thank you back to each and every one of you for making the business the huge success it is. Long may our partnership with you all last.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Those are the only words we can use to describe Saturdays bride. She looked stunning. Thankfully the flowers looked pretty good as well :)  It was so nice to do a different colour.  Orange and White. Never done that colour scheme in 25 years, and they worked so perfectly in the church and the reception afterwards that we couldn't help but feel pleased with ourselves. And this very morning the bride has emailed and followed up with a telephone call to say thank you.
It was so nice to get to the weekend and work on wedding flowers as sadly most of last weeks orders seemed to be sympathy tributes.  Some were even for a young boy. That's the hardest part of this job. Making the flowers for young ones is always so difficult. It never ceases to amaze me how together the families are at such a difficult time. What they must be going through could never be imagined, yet somehow they manage to keep it together enough to sort out what needs sorting. My heart breaks for them each and every time. Sadly we have to remain professional at all times and put our own feelings to the back of our mind, but it is so very hard.  We constantly want to just hug the customer and let them cry it out, but we can't.  There are times when keeping it professional haven't been as easy as they should be.  Years ago I was dealing with a really sweet little elderly lady who had just lost her husband. They never had children and she had no family left. He was all she had in life and I sat and I sobbed with her as I was taking her order. Totally unprofessional, but I couldn't stop myself.  The only other time was a few years ago when a guy in his late 60's had passed away. He had a grown up family, but had re-married and had another daughter later in life. She had just turned 8 at the time of his passing and she came in with her older sisters determined to organise the flowers herself for her Dad. She was so brave to do so and in the end I had to walk away and lock myself in the bathroom where I cried my eyes out. Having lost my own Dad I know what it feels like, but I wasn't quite so young and her bravery was testament to her. I am sure her family must have been so proud. I would have been if she had been my daughter.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

So much

for keeping this more up to date. The shop has been totally manic in the past week, so as usual I'm running round trying to catch my tail and getting nowhere fast.
So what have we been doing since I last carressed my fingers across the keyboard? Weddings.. and lots of them as well as hundreds of every day bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries and the like. There have also been (sadly) some large funerals this week as well. Never a nice occasion for us (or anyone) but at the same time we are always deeply honoured when someone chooses us to be the shop that makes the tributes for a families/friends loved ones. Yesterday we sent out an XBox controller, a bichon frise dog and a Chelsea Football Crest. Always a challenge but one that we rise to and the results were pretty good (even if I do say so myself).
The weddings last weekend were also beautiful. Especially Fridays. The bride had wanted peonies but they finished their season 10 days before her wedding, and so I had to source something else that looked similar, and thats when I happened across David Austin roses. I have to say I was very disappointed when they arrived as the outer leaves were damp (it had been very hot and humid) but I pulled them off and wrapped the heads back in paper (hoping to dry them out). I didn't have time to order more or put in a complaint (at £4 per flower if there had been time I would have) however.. When they opened they were absolutely stunning and I can't fault them in the slightest. I actually took one out of water on Thursday morning at 8am as I wanted to see how they would hold up not being in water because I had to lay some loose ones on the cake. At 6pm on Friday (that's 34 hours after I took it out of water) it still looked as fresh and perfect as it had the day before. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The smell from them was glorious and I was very pleased with the finished bridal bouquet and reception bits and pieces. Thankfully the bride was too.
Saturdays and Sundays weddings were equally as lovely. Saturday we used all White Calla Lilies with diamontes and turquoise beads threaded on to grass. Sunday we had dark red and ivory roses. Both very beautiful and elegant.
This Saturday I am really looking forward to as the whole theme is Orange and White. In 25 years I've never done an orange wedding, so it's going to be a real pleasure. We are using Calla Lilies and mini gerberas for it. The church we are decorating will suit the colours perfectly as will the golf club they are having the reception at. I may have to post a photo of 2 of that one.