Tuesday, 26 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like

Christmas; just not in my shop yet. 

I got asked yesterday when I was decorating the window and shop for Christmas as "everyone" else already has their displays in place.  My answer to the question was "maybe next week - maybe the week after". The lovely lady asking was shocked at this and no matter how hard I tried to explain to her that it is only NOVEMBER it would appear I am in the minority when it comes to all things Christmas, but to me shops getting their stock out so early takes away the whole appeal of the season. By the time Christmas comes around these days people are already bored of it, where it's been forced upon them at every twist and turn for months. We all know that it happens on the SAME day, EVERY year. I for one, don't want to have it shoved in my face any time before the 1st December (and even then I think that's too early) so I certainly don't want to surround myself with it at work. 

Don't think I'm being all *Bah Humbug* by not doing it earlier; I am in fact being quite the opposite for I am one of those people that absolutely loves Christmas. It really is my favourite time of year. Walking the dog past (tastefully) lit up houses on a cold winter night really gets me in the mood, but if those lights are up now by the time Christmas arrives the magic of the season is gone. I've got bored seeing them every day for 6 weeks. That's why I won't be decorating the shops window until next week (maybe the week after). 

As for gifts; we're not one of those shops that sells Christmas gifts and trinkets (there are enough other shops around selling those) but if we did, they still wouldn't be in the shop before the 1st December. Right or wrong that's the reason why we still have a summery style window display in and will for at least another 6 days. I have, however, decided on my colour scheme for this year :)

So in other - non Christmas - related news we've had another 2 wonderful emails from customers that were pleased with the items we made for them. It really does make my day when I open up the emails to see such lovely words from people. The fact that people are willing to take the time out to let me know I've helped to make their day special (for a birthday) or that they were pleased with their tributes (for funerals) really does mean a lot to me. 

On the subject of sympathy I was asked last week to make 2 West Highland Terriers for a customer. The lady came in with a photo of how she wanted them to look (which always helps) and between us we came up with some personal touches. Considering they weren't an animal I had made before, and because they were made 2D/3D rather than a full on standing/sitting 3D dog I was quite pleased with how they turned out in the end. I am hoping the customer was too :) 

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