Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fancy a tipple?

 just a nice mug of tea as you complete your word search? 

 On Tuesday all of these things made sense to us in the shop as I had to make a Bottle of Baileys.. 

a Mug of Tea....

and a Wordsearch

Sadly these had to be made for a ladies funeral (as unfortunately 99% of the different items we get to make are sadly for) but it is so nice for us (me) to be asked (and trusted) to make these items for the family. It's also lovely when someone trusts me to make something I've never made before (none of these had I previously made) as they have no idea how the item will turn out (thankfully they are able to see via the website and photo's that we post online that there isn't much we can't do - I have owned up to customers if I think something truly isn't possible). I wasn't keen on having to use the strips that we attach the letters to for the wordsearch, but they wouldn't stay in place trying to glue them on individually so I was left with little choice (I do know row 4 looks slightly off in the photo; this was rectified before the tribute was delivered). As with most items when I take a photo of them (bare in mind I am a florist with an iphone and not a photographer in any way, shape or form) they never look as good as in the flesh, but I'm very pleased with how they came out, and oddly enough the word search is my personal favourite; not sure if that is down to the colours or just the concept. All of them were between 2 and 3ft in height.

I also had to make a dolphin; in the 27 years I've been doing floristry (goodness people get less for murder) I have never made a dolphin until this week, which I find odd as they are very popular with people.  I was very pleased with how that came out too.

Thankfully it hasn't been all sadness this week; I've had 3 new brides book in (luckily they are getting married in the week and not at weekends or I would have struggled to fit them in) and today we have not one, but 2 diamond wedding orders to go out (to different people). This was obviously a good day to get married 60 years ago. It's always lovely to make flowers up for a diamond wedding; to think people have been able to stay with each other for so long is an amazing achievement. On top of the diamond weddings we have also this morning sent out flowers to a lady who is 103 today. 103; can you even imagine? That changes she must have seen in her lifetime (I know in my 42 years how much things have changed and I've been bought up in a technological age). It must be mind blowing to her if she actually sits and thinks about it. So to that lady we say Happy Birthday, and to our lovely Diamond couples we say Happy Anniversary (here's to your 70th). 

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