Monday, 18 February 2013

Was it good for you?

;) Now I bet that caught the attention of a few of you didn't it? The title of this blog that is ;O)  So was it good for you? As a receiver of Valentines goodies (including flowers from a florist I hope) it was good; and for all you lovely florists out there that I know read this (I'm still constantly amazed at the amount of people that make the effort to read through this) I hope you had a great one. 
 How was it for us? Well thanks for asking. It was the BEST we have had since we first started the business way back in 2006.  Our Valentines orders were up by 69.96%. That's a phenomenal increase on last year. That means for every hundred customers we had last year; this year we had 169. Amazing amount of people through our doors; ordering online, or giving us a quick call (we had way more than 100 but that figure is the easiest way for me to explain it and put it in to context). No wonder we had 3 drivers out ALL day (they literally didn't stop from 8am - 6pm). That increase is JUST on Valentines orders specifically; obviously we still had all our normal every day orders coming in as well. I can safely say we had a bit of a busy week and just having Sunday off was not really enough to get over it if I'm going to be honest. This week feels like it could be a long one.....

....but a productive one. The plans for this week are to get Mothers Day organised; I know we haven't had time to get over Valentines and we're already preparing for Mothers Day. "No rest for the wicked" as they say. We will be offering some set bouquets this year, but we know how all your Mums are different and none of them like the same flowers/colours which is why if you place your order early enough we will be able to tailor make each and every one for you. Leaving it to the last minute, will of course restrict your options slightly (although I will try to ensure we are fully stocked with as much variety at all times - this is not always possible though if you leave it until late on the Saturday, or expect us to have something specific on the Sunday morning itself). We might even treat you all to some planted baskets this year - I know we tend not to go for plants, but on Wednesday I am off to a wholesalers open evening for Mothers Day bits and pieces, and from what I can make out they will be displaying the kinds of planted baskets that they will be able to make up (I wouldn't buy the bits and make them myself these days - a) because I couldn't purchase the bits to make them cheap enough, and b) getting dirt under my nails annoys me :) ) so there may be some in the shop come the day if your Mums would prefer plants to flowers - actually I doubt on the day there will be any left so you best make sure you come in the week before if you would like one. 

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