Friday, 1 February 2013

The great Valentines Day Rip Off

Where to start when it comes to Valentines Day? I for one am not afraid to admit I hate the day; not because I am unromantic, but because to me it truly is too commercialised these days. I also despise having to explain constantly to customers that we are NOT trying to rip them off when it comes to flowers. Believe me the price rises disgust us as much as they do you (if not more). However, when it comes down to the nitty gritty I WILL NOT compromise on the quality of roses that we supply for the day, and unfortunately when it comes to quality you (and us) have to pay that bit extra. 

As last year (because I had such great reports back on how impressive the roses were and how WELL they lasted) I have chosen to order in Red Naomi.  As someone that doesn't like red roses at all (I disliked them before I became a florist) I have to say, if someone was to send me a dozen of them (at some other time of the year; NEVER at Valentines) then I would be a very happy lady. They are HUGE. I've had some in today for an order and the buds (yes that's the BUDS) measured 8cm deep and 7cm in diameter; I can only imagine how large and beautiful they will be once they open. No other cut flower rose (there are plenty of garden varieties however) could ever match it in size. I have also found them to be the longest lasting. By comparison Freedom roses (these seem to be the variety being offered by M&S, Interflora, Moonpig and Next) when fully open won't come anywhere close to matching the size of the Naomi buds.

Red Naomi In BUD

 I did check out some other companies to see what roses they were using and how much they were charging.  Now while a lot of them are cheaper than us I noticed NOBODY is using a decent sized rose. They all varied (although Freedom seems to be the main choice in a 60cm length) with prices varying from £22 (exceptionally cheap, until you look and see they are NOT wrapped, NOT delivered in water, have NO foliage, bows or cello). These are delivered by a courier in a box at any time between 7am - 7pm. Not a lot of good if you know the person you are sending to is going to be out at work all day. This would mean if they weren't in to sign for them, they would then have to go to the local depot to collect them and as I am sure you are all aware, when something gets taken back to a depot. you cannot collect until after a certain time the NEXT day. That doesn't really create the right impression and is pretty pointless; Valentines Day is the 14th; not 15th. This also means by the time your loved one receives their flowers they are going to be desperate for a drink (there is every chance all the couriered bunches will be made up over the weekend before; this then means those roses will have been out of water for at LEAST 48 (possibly 96)hours before being received. It is also highly likely that the flowers will have been delivered to the central warehouses (where they will then be bunched and  boxed for delivery) on the Thursday or Friday of the previous week, thus making them already a week old before your loved one receives them. The other prices I came across were £30, £35 and £40. Again NONE of these came with foliage; NONE are delivered in water and they ALL come via courier (unless you specifically order direct from a LOCAL florist that happens to be a member of Interflora (using the Interflora website will bypass the local florists). I will admit I didn't even bother to look at what the supermarkets are offering; you'd be better off chucking your money in the bin than purchasing supermarket flowers at Valentines. Just remember that you *Get what you pay for*.

Now while it is true that a dozen from us will cost you £55 they WILL have foliage with them; they WILL be wrapped in tissue and cellophone; they WILL be delivered in water; they WILL also be delivered personally by one of our drivers to either the home (or work) address of your loved one. Now we cannot guarantee a set delivery time but we will do our utmost to be as accommodating as possible and will definitely make sure we catch your loved one either at home (or work). IF they happen not to be there when we delivery we will find a neighbour to leave them with, so that they receive the flowers the minute they get back home (or back from their work lunch break), ensuring they receive their bouquet on the 14th.
We do know (understand) that money is tight for a lot of you right now, which is why we have also come up with other options rather than just roses, that are equally as romantic. These can be found on the Valentines section of our website.

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