Friday, 22 February 2013

I can do that

is something I get told on a regular basis by Chris (my landlord and part-time delivery driver - he is also our Clives dad). What is he talking about? Making a hand tied.  Over the past 4 years we've shared a building he has often mentioned that he thinks he's watched me enough to know how to make one. Told him I would set him the challenge one day and put him to his word.
That challenge came last weekend (although he challenged himself to it). After becoming a grandfather for the 2nd time several weeks earlier, and having an aunt who had recently had a fall, he was off to visit both his grandson and aunt on the same weekend (due to them living close to each other). As it happened I had 2 different bouquets made up for sale on the Saturday he wanted flowers, so he took both the ones I had here. 1 being a dozen roses; the other being a mixed bouquet.

An hour after leaving the shop with them he came back in with both and said that his lovely wife had declared it would be nice to mix both sets of flowers so that both his daughter in law, and aunt, had 6 roses each with the other mixed flowers.  I was exceptionally busy that weekend so told him if he wanted them seperated he was going to have to do them himself, to which he replied that he "already planned on doing such a thing". 

Next thing he took over my workbench and away he went. The cello from the bottoms that had been holding the water on the originals did end up dumped on the kitchen work surface!! but aside from that he got himself sorted and was good to go.  He asked how he should begin and so while I was doing my own jobs on Becky's bench I talked him through the process of how to make the first one. Once he'd finished I did stop what I was doing to aid him in how much cello he would need (like a typical man he threw away the  bits from the original bouquets that could have been re-used) but I have to admit when he finished them he had done a pretty good job.

Now I couldn't let him get too carried away with himself and heap too much praise on him as he hadn't tied them tight enough, which would have meant had they not been placed in delivery vases they would never have stood up and the bottom (which holds the water) would have slipped off (could have a made a mess of a floor) and they were already pretty much cut to size having been another bouquet originally which didn't give him too much option about where to place the flowers, but all in all he did a pretty good job. I wouldn't have sold them to a paying customer, but as they were for his own family members I was happy to let him take them along.

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