Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Celtic Knot

You all know how I love to get asked to make something I've not made before? Well this week that happened; it's always a great moment when a customer utters the words "I'd like a.... is that possible?" Sometimes I am able to say "Yes of course; let me show you a photo of a previous one I've made" but to be able to say "Yes" to someone for something I've never made before is a great (yet exceptionally daunting) feeling. Sometimes I know exactly what the customer is talking about and a way to make it will pop into my head before we even get down to the nitty gritty of it. Other times I'll have to google the image; other times I won't have a clue. This week thankfully I had some idea (although not a lot).

When the customer asked me if I could make a Celtic Knot an image of very intricate geometric designs entered my head. Not one to be deterred I opened up google for the customer to have a look at so they could choose the one they wanted (they hadn't decided on a style before coming in to the shop as they weren't sure I would be able to make it for them).  I'm very glad they ended up coming up with their own design, that thankfully wasn't anywhere near as intricate as some of the ones we looked at; that doesn't meant it didn't throw up some deep thinking and brain storming.

Taken to try and show the up/under effect
The biggest issue was how to make it look like someone had actually made a knot; this meant that some parts of the knot would be under others; some parts (obviously) over. I also had to think about what flowers would give the best look. The customer had said she wanted greens and browns, so the obvious choice was the green chrysant that I did eventually use. What a nightmare it was to work with. A normal double chrysant that we base in is flatter, enabling us to get a nice smooth finish (they also help if we need to bevel slightly as they will link in together). The green used was almost ball like in shape so it was a lot harder to get a nice smooth finish. However, having said that I don't think it turned out too bad.

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