Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow? What snow?

Ok; so we know that there was a blanket of snow that covered the whole of the country yesterday (with a pretty heavy scattering over our own square mileage included).  I love the snow; the inner child that is kept hidden always puts in an appearance with just a single flake of the white stuff. However, like the rest of the country I hate the way everything just grinds to a halt. I heard tales of people (the elderly included) being chucked off buses when they were told to stop operating on Health and Safety grounds. Left abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting home. I fully understand if it's not safe to be out on the roads but to just leave people? That's shocking.. Schools that were unable to open; airports having to close; basically everything just closing. For a few frozen raindrops? Sounds crazy doesn't it? Especially when everyone had plenty of warning that it was coming; we all knew to expect it. 

So were we prepared? We sure were. Clive made sure he dug out his non-slip walking boots; found his winter coat and armed himself with a hat, scarf and gloves to keep the chill out. Why did he do this? Because we had flowers that needed delivering. If there's a way for us to get our flowers out to our lovely customers then we will do all we can to ensure we do.  Now we were lucky that all of today's orders were to be delivered locally, which meant they could be walked. Sadly we have had to let down a customer on an order tomorrow, but that is because it is to be delivered 12 miles away from the shop, and literally out in the sticks. The customer we were delivering too is unable to get their own vehicle out of their drive so there would be no way we could get up it; I also believe that as important my customers are, and getting their orders delivered is very important to all of us, the safety of our staff takes priority. Had we thought there was a way Clive could get there without any risk to not only his life, but also that of someone elses (if he was to hit a patch of ice and slide then he could easily endanger the lives of others as we as himself) then we be sending him out, but rightly or wrongly (depending on who you ask) his life if worth more to us.

It's only a 2 mile round trip; now get walking
Obviously once all the roads are open and back to normal then we shall be back up and running again. For now thanks for sticking with us and here's hoping that none of you have been too inconvenienced by the weather.

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