Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The window at night

As I typed the subject headline then I was reminded of the late Patrick Moore who sadly passed away this weekend (may he Rest in Peace - his enthusiasm has created many an amateur (and no doubt professional) astronomer or 2 in his lifetime). 
Just like the stars and planets he so loved to study, our window also comes to life at night. I will admit it is the only time I am not so keen on our (tucked round the corner) position. Sadly it doesn't get seen by as many people as it could; but those that have been passed at night have made the effort to pop in and say how well it glows; one or 2 have said it has helped them to feel a bit more festive too, which is a truly lovely compliment. 

Last night one of the guys in the office was kind enough to come up and try to capture some pics from outside the front looking in (rather than the ones I take from the inside looking out). He said it was too cold to fiddle about too much, but he managed to capture a shot so you can get some idea of how it looks. There is a decorated tree at the back in the middle that you cannot see that also has a set of lights on it; as well as some snowy baubles and some thick white tinsel. 

I know it's not that easy to see all the flowers that are in the window from this shot, but I can assure you there are flowers in there; one thing I really don't like is a florist that doesn't have any kind of flowers in their window. I just don't get that. 


As you can see from the photo directly above that I took from inside the shop the other day (and I only used my iphone; I don't have one of those fancy SLR thingies with all the lens's and bits and bobs) during the day it looks like a jumble of lights; but at night it just seems to glow. The fairy lights then add that little bit of sparkle to it. Had we got all the snow the met office were forecasting we would get, I think it would almost have looked as if the outside and inside had merged; alas we are now going back to dismal rain, but even so I hope it spreads a little christmas cheer, and brings a smile to the faces of anyone passing by during the evening.

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