Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like..

you guessed it? Winter :)   Oh ok. Christmas it is

Against my better judgement I put the Christmas window display in on Monday (those of you that know me and have been using the shop for the past 7 years - 7years; where has the time gone) will know that I never normally allow anything Christmas into the shop until the 13th (I'm a strong  believer in the 12 days; that's 12 before and 12 after). This year I only relented because I asked Clive if he would get up in the loft (I don't do lofts; all those cobwebs and other creepy crawlies - shiver) not expecting him to want to get up there until the weekend at the earliest (normally I have to ask several times before finally telling him it needs to be done). This time as soon as I asked he said "Right; let's get it all out now". The next thing there was box, upon box, upon box of Christmas bits and pieces and nowhere to move in the workroom (shop, kitchen or bathroom) without sorting it all; so I relented, and the tree is up; the window is decorated.  Again I've had to take the photo from the back due to the reflection from outside (but do have a photographer coming up to take one from the front for me).

I had already planned on a white/snowy theme for the window so amazed myself that I stuck to it too (yes I have added some blue lights but they're just to give it more of a wintery/snowy feel). What I didn't plan on was putting a tree up in the shop; and I definitely didn't plan on decorating that in traditional reds/golds with multi coloured lights, but that's exactly what I did, so we have a little bit of festiveness.  I've not really over-done it this year though which is no bad thing, as it means I can go crazy next year :) 

Now it's all systems go getting ready for the big day. We have some holly wreaths coming in tomorrow for those of you that have wanted early orders because you are not going to be here; the rest will come in dribs and drabs over the next couple of weeks; you know how we like to make sure are always fresh for you? The worst thing with having a batch too early is that they could have been made at the end of the October; at least I know leaving it so late, all of ours will now have only been made within the past few days, as they original (and early batches) will have already been sold to shops; so although some of you have moaned at me (you know who you are :) ) at least you do know when you get your order it's going to last.

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