Thursday, 11 October 2012


I actually logged on to share something else with you (that I will still do so further down the page) but when I opened up the blogs page and settings, I noticed that this month alone we have had 3453 people view our pages. In 11 days? That's phenomenal. I knew we were reaching out all over the world and that people do stop by the pages (how many of them actually read what we have to say I'm not sure - although I have had customers tell me on the phone different bits and pieces they have read on the blog) but even so; if people aren't reading they are stopping by, which means not only are we easy to find on this big World Wide Web of ours, but people are making the effort to click onto whatever link they find us from, to have a nose around. That is more than any business could ask for. Normally we average around the 2500 visitors Per Month mark but we still have so much of the month left. I wonder just how far we could go? I am totally amazed and completely astonished by it. 

What I actually logged on for was to share a photo that I took this morning. I had a customer that came in for some flowers ( I know; fancy coming in to us for them - although you'd be amazed how many people come in to us when they want either the chip shop or barbers either side of us - you'd think the mass of flowers outside and in would give the game away but it appears not). Anyway this gentleman said the lady he was sending the flowers too loves pink and black. He then said "but I guess you'll never be able to do black so we'll go for pink". Well now hold on a minute. While we can dye or spray paint flowers back (something we don't really like to do on bouquets as there may be chemicals that the recipient is allergic too, or the colours may run onto someones table cloth or carpet), we are not still stumped when it comes to blacking something up. This is where the magic of cellophone, organza, tissue and birch twigs come into the fore. As you can see from the photograph we were able to make up and deliver a bouquet in pink and black for our customer, so please don't ever think that something is not possible. There are always ways round things.

Whilst we love the pink with the black, can you imagine how dramatic this could look with white, green or red flowers? The possibilities of what can be made up, are only governed by your imagination. While some things may seem impossible (and at times some things genuinely are) there are always ways to get round things and find something that will fit the bill.

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