Wednesday, 31 October 2012


over the rainbow :)

I (and the other guys here) had heard talk about a rose known as a rainbow rose; we have seen photographs of such a rose, but until today I had never seen one in the flesh.  Being the bright, vibrant person I am, I think they are great; one of the guys thinks they are awful (the jury is out on the others). However one thing I am not convinced about is whether the dye used in them will run or not.  As the colour is taken up through the stem (check out this wikipedia link for how they apparently colour the petals - although don't 100% trust what's said as it's a given that wikipedia is known to not always be correct).  The reason I mention the colour running is because after de-thorning them all (there were an awful lot of thorns on the things too) I noticed my hands were covered in coloured *grime*.  I can only assume this grime has come from the leaves that are also coloured (although not in the same way the flower itself is).  I can only assume if this dye was to get wet and drip, there could be many a table cloth, or carpet that would be ruined. I am hopeful this won't be the case as I would dearly love to offer them for sale in the shop, but until I know for sure they will remain a one-off. We were specifically asked to get them in for a lady that has had them before, so should hopefully know how the colour is on them.  I do know a lot of shops sell them, but they also sell the dyed oak and eucalyptus leaves (which I personally think are beautiful) but refuse to send out in orders as I have myself experienced how the dye runs and ruins things. It's a shame as they are sold to us with the promise the colours have been stabalized but sadly this is not the case. There must be florists out there that have been sued by customers; of that I am certain. This is why I won't use them in orders.

So back to the rainbow rose. It's created quite a stir in the shop that's for sure, and even though it's not out for sale, and is in fact tucked round the corner, everyone that has been in has noticed them (must be the colours). What do you all think?

Take one of the above ivory roses.... add someone who thinks outside the box... add them a pot or 2 of coloured dye and you get....


A rainbow rose (or 8 as there are in the photograph above). 

Aren't they just fab? I love how each one is different. You could honestly say to someone if you were to buy them a bouquet of these, that each is unique. No 2 will ever be the same.  But then I guess you can say that about anything. While some may look similar there will never be anything identical. The difference with these roses is nobody knows what colour is going to affect which petal; whether it will stay a true colour, or if it will blend with another to give something completely different.

I am sure they are just a novelty for now that will quite possibly fade out in a year or 2, but for now I hope they stick around a while. What better way to brighten up a dull, dismal day than with a vaseful of these bright beauties?

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