Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Over the weekend, one of our customers who is on the committee for one of the local Moto X groups, came in to us with 3 Artificial Laurel Chaplets, that had definitely seen better days.   For those of you that don't follow motor sports of any kind, it is an old tradition to hang a chaplet (normally of laurel leaves) around the neck of the victors in the race.  In most sports this has been replaced by shiny trophies and champagne, but I believe a few races still keep to the tradition (don't quote me on this though as I had a google search to see if I could information on the whole history of the laurel wreath, in the hope I might impress you all and I can't seem to find a thing)
Now the ones that were bought in to us hadn't been made that long ago, but I think you can see they have surely taken quite a bashing.  Bits half hanging off them, and the moss showing through which is a big no-no; they also had no backing whatsoever (those poor riders hanging one round their necks would have had bits of moss and all kinds of other stuff all over them).

The photo on the left is how they came in to us (if you open the picture up you can see how there are massive gaps showing the moss base.  
The photo on the right is them all brand spanking new and shiny

There wasn't a whole heap we could do to them that would make them too different (the shape and range of foliage limited us greatly) but we hope you will agree our versions are a vast improvement on how they were looking?

Not only did we neaten them up, we also backed everything so there is now no loose moss (or anything else) that can fly up the noses of the riders.  Rather than wire the leaves in bunches onto the frame (which makes it a lot easier for them to come loose giving the moss base chance to show through) we glued each and every single leaf individually to the binding we used to cover all the loose materials.Yes this did take longer, but when it comes to getting a neater finish and helping to keep them robust enough to last a good few years, we felt it was worth it. We also swapped the dowdy ribbon twisted round them, for a nice shiny bow, and coloured leaves to match.

There are some shops that refuse to re-make items for their customers; we are obviously one of those, and where possible, we try to re-use as much of the original material as possible. This not only keeps your costs down, but means less rubbish in our bins and consequently less land fill (which can only be a good thing for this wonderful planet of ours)

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