Tuesday, 2 October 2012


has well and truly arrived in the shop. October 1st could not come quick enough for Sarah; she absolutely loves halloween (we wonder why?) and so being able to play yesterday bought a huge smile to her face.
This year we've moved away from the traditional orange (not that we've ever really stuck to that) and have gone for a Black and White theme; if it wasn't black or white then it wasn't going in the window. The reason for this was to do with the UV lighting; Sarah wanted it to show off it's full potential (we've not actually had the chance to see how it looks when the skies are pitch black outside, but have been told this morning that the whole window glows quite eerily - just what we wanted). 

I managed to capture some of the UV effect looking into the window from behind

 We haven't gone for a horror style theme either this year; Sarah wanted to try and keep it light hearted which is why you find several happy looking ghosts as well as the legs in the cauldron (this has drawn a few chuckles from people walking by this morning).

You can just see a leg :o)

The nice thing is that it looks just as good in daylight which is not something we are always lucky enough to have happen, where the glass is smoked to keep out the heat full sun we get from about 11am until it sets; the glass was in before we took over, but to be honest if we were to change it we'd end up losing all our stock in one easy go as it does help to keep the heat out, so we won't be changing it. The UV lights are on during the day, but they just pick out the couple of odd flowers that are in their direct line; at night the glow from them where there is no other light pollution to affect it gives it the look we were hoping for. Someone with a proper camera is coming up to photograph it for us tomorrow night, so I will post those pics for those of you that are unable to get here to see if for yourself. 

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