Thursday, 18 October 2012

and Instagram

We bit the bullet (as they say) this morning, and have set ourselves up with Instagram (well Sarah set it up and pretty much spent all day playing with it trying to link it to Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else it is possible to share things). No wonder she has to work so late in the evenings and start so early in the mornings, to get all our floristry jobs completed.  Have to admit it's quite lucky she is able to work her way round these things though (including this blog) as the internet and social media are such big business these days, it seems the only way to go. While we will never deny the more chances we have of reaching out to potential new customers is a great thing for any business (but especially for a small one like ourselves) we also find it quite scary just how the world is moving, and what an impact social media has made on peoples lives. We do feel sorry for anyone that hasn't got the technology know how to keep up with all the different streaming things there are; it will be a shame for them to get caught out and left behind. 

Anyway; below is a copy of our first offering. A nice, smiley happy photo we thought (and not bad for a close up taken on a phone - not a proper camera - and also of an artificial flower).

If you have instagram and want to follow us just do a search for Moonstones Florist to find us.  We will also be uploading the photos to an album in Picasa (and we think we may have a flikr account somewhere too). There should be a link on the main blog page to our picasa albums, so if you don't have instagram but want to keep up with the photos we are sharing you can find them on there, or on our new Facebook page (we need friends on this one so feel free to add us). 

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