Thursday, 30 August 2012

well Done

Massive, HUGE, Enormous CONGRATULATIONS  today go out to our Beckys Dad Simon. Along with 3 others this crazy man has just cycled over 1000 miles to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. To say we in the shop admire him (all of them) would be an understatement. They began their journey 12 days ago in a very wet and windy Cornwall, and today arrived at their Scottish destination. 

Simon started this journey to raise money for Brain Tumour research. It is one of the most common cancers in people under 40 with only 1% of all funding going into it's research. Simons (and our) attention was bought to this when he learned his best friend was diagnosed with un-treatable brain cancer; thankfully his friend is still here to see what has been achieved. I can only begin to imagine how proud he must be right now. As I know his wife, son and daughter will be. Heck anyone that knows him will be/is proud of him.

With an original plan to raise enough to keep the local brain tumour research centre open for a day, he has so far raised enough to keep it open for 2 days (potentially 3) as hopefully more money will pour in now they have completed the journey. So sad that in this day and age individual people have to raise the money to fund research to keep people alive, but that's all politics and not something for us to be getting in to right now. 

If any of you would like to dig deep you can still sponsor him via his Just Giving page (I know every penny raised will be greatly appreciated)
Can you believe though that some low life lawyers (who are fairly local) copied the evening news article word for word on their website to try and drum up business for themselves. How low are some people prepared to stoop?. The piece has now been removed and they made a token donation (hardly worth mentioning but every amount makes a difference).
Once again guys. WELL DONE. So proud of you all

The lads arriving at John O'groats

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