Friday, 24 August 2012

Wasn't expecting that

when I arrived this morning. What am I on about? Check out the photo below for a clue.
I leave the guys in the office alone for an afternoon, so I can sneak off and spend a few hours with my little old Mum whose birthday it was yesterday; this is what I came round the corner to find outside the shop where my paved area is this morning.

It turns out we had a power cut about 3.30 yesterday afternoon; thinking it was an all round one they left the office to go and see if our neighbours were in darkness. It turned out they weren't; it was just our shop. Several calls to the electric people; then several more to other numbers they gave for them to ring, finally, at 8 last evening someone finally arrived. The plan was to find the fault, fix it and get all back to normal before we open this morning; as you can see it hasn't quite worked out that way. As with these things, one person said one thing; another said another. When the fault was found and repaired, they managed to damage a gas pipe, so then the gas board had to come out (I know I'm showing my age calling them the gas board, but what should they be called these days?). Once they had done their bit so it should have been a case of putting it all back together.

As you can see; this really didn't happen. It turns out that rather then fix the gas leak problem, they just clamped it up. The electric guys needed to do something that required heat which could have had fatal consequences if they went ahead and started doing what they had to, before the gas leak was fixed proper and so there we were; fenced off railings outside; men sat around doing nothing in vans, until the gas people sorted their bit out.

That finally happened around 2pm; this then meant the power had to be cut for over an hour before all was restored to normal. When I say all I mean the power. Apparently it will be next week some time before they are able to get the hole filled and new tarmac down. Sadly this may not sit well with some neighbours, as one of the electric men came in to apologise to us about it not being finished. Told him not to be daft; at the end of the day I'd rather it was done properly so they don't have to dig up again (even if that does take a week or so). The reason he said sorry was because he thought I had complained. I've no idea who did, but sadly it seems one of our neighbours complained. Such a shame when that happens. We didn't ask for the cables to break, or for our front to be dug up but it really affected nobody other than us, so I'm not sure the reasoning for it. I guess some people just like to moan about things.

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