Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The websites

online ordering is thankfully up and running again. Many thanks to all those of you that didn't give up and order elsewhere but who instead picked up the telephone and placed your order directly; besides it's much nicer for us to get to chat with you all. We will be having a change round with the website again soon, as we have some nice bits and pieces to pop on there. This is where yet again your feedback is great (whether personally or from the info we recieve via the site itself). We can see which items are your most popular and which aren't. The result of this means we will be posting more items that seem to fit what you all want, more than just ones we think should be on there.

I expect the sympathy tribute we made this morning, may well find itself on the new and improved site as well, under our miscellaneous items (or should it come under the hobbies/interests?) Judge for yourselves.

Miscellaneous or Hobbies/Interests? :)
After making this we got into a bit of discussion about our own experiences with Pernod. It would appear that not one person we know of (including ourselves) had any good experiences to report. Maybe some of you could share with us (that doesn't mean you all go rushing out to buy a bottle).


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