Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's prom time

Since we have now adopted the American idea of Prom, we've noticed more and more Girls and Boys are buying corsages (for wrists mainly) and buttonholes for their dates. I believe this is also an American idea that we have taken on (back in my school days we had a teacher with a record player in the sports hall). In fact ours were just called Leavers Do's and we pretty much did exactly that. Arrived, saw Mr ?? doing his best at playing songs we all enjoyed, and left again to head off to the local pub (that was when you could get away with being served under age).

Every year we are presented with the challenge of sourcing flowers that will match the outfit of the corsage recipient, and I will admit, every year it gets a lot harder. There are so many different options of material these days, in all manner of colours it can get a bit tricky at times. Just today we've had 2 girls with 2 tone material. If you tilt it one way you can get a colour to match; tilt it the other way and the colour you've chosen doesn't match at all.  Thankfully we've managed to find something that will complement regardless of which way you tilt.
The corsage above is a prime example of colours not matching both tones.  The pieces of material among the flowers are pieces left over from the dress (the lady wanted to pick up the colours in the corsage). As you can see looking at it there's a distinct purple tint to it. What you can't see if that if you tilt it the other way there is a really bright turquoise blue. Thankfully; oddly enough, the lilac roses worked well with both; hence why it has been made.

As most of the corsages are presented to whoever will be wearing them, we make a point of ensuring every single one that leaves the shop is in a presentation box. These are only a clear plastic, that we pop a few strands of ribbon but it seems to go down really well with everyone when we do, so we will continue to always send them out in this way. The reaction we get when the person that ordered the corsage comes in to collect is great. It's like we've really put ourselves out for them and it's nice that they appreciate the little touches. That's what this job is all about. The little touches and the personal service.

There are times though, I will admit, when I question the sanity of boxing them all (or maybe it's the fact we don't charge £20 each for them), as today I have wired, taped, put together and boxed up 49 (yes that's 49) of the things, in various flowers, colours, shapes and sizes. I know some shops buy the specific corsage bracelets (these are actually all attached to pearly corsage bracelets) and then proceed to just glue every flower on. How they can do this beyond me. A) I would NEVER trust the glue enough for the flowers not to fall off, and B) surely the glue burns the flowers? I've used it before to maybe stick a leaf down, and the leaf has then proceeded to turn brown. Not for us. It may be fiddly; it may take longer, but every single flower head and leaf in one of our corsages has been wired, and taped by hand.

The great thing is? We get to do it all again on Monday as the other school local to us has their prom Monday evening. We don't have 49 for that one though (which my fingers are very grateful for).

A small selection still waiting for collection

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