Monday, 9 July 2012

Imitation and copyright

Wow; who would have thought the BT directory being delivered over the weekend could have got us so many calls and emails? We don't even advertise in the thing (and never will). What was the cause of all this contact? Well it transpires that another florist (who only deals with weddings) in a nearby town has a logo so very similar to ours, a lot of you thought she had pinched our one. We've actually come across her before and a quick check let us know that Yes it is almost identical, she has in fact used a different variety of gerbera to us. The one we used has a black centre and I myself took the photograph to turn into the logo; her one has a yellow centre (I've no idea if she took the photo herself or downloaded it) but it's not our one. I'm sure dotted about the country (world) there are other shops with similar if not the same logo. It's bound to happen. We did research before we designed ours to make sure we couldn't find anyone with the same (purely from the point of view that we didn't want to get mistaken for someone else ~ they may not have been such good florists as us) but also because we wanted to have our own identity. Not everyone thinks that way so it is bound to happen somewhere along the line. At the end of the day they do say that *imitation is the highest form of flattery*. 

Aside from all the calls from our concerned customers, we have also had a lot of calls to order flowers today. Sadly a couple of calls we had to let the people down. They wanted us to personally deliver to Mid Wales, Surrey, Suffolk and Derbyshire. As lovely as it would be to be able to say yes, we just can't afford to run the risk of trusting a courier with our flowers, so we had to say no to the orders. We hate to say no to anyone but do any of you know of any couriers/postal services that can be trusted 100%? We don't and the quality we send out for all occasions is of paramount importance to us. 

One call we did have was from one of our regular customers whose exact words were "There's £70; do me one of those water bunches. Use whatever you want". Now to some florists this would the opportunity for them to go out and buy really exotic flowers that cost a fortune. Beautiful as they are when a customer spends that amount of money with us we really want them to have something that looks like they've spent well on it. If they asked for the exotics that wouldn't be a problem, but 99% of our customers would be devastated if we sent out 3 strelitzias, a stem of orchid and maybe a couple of roses (one big company ~ no names mentioned ~ are charging £150 for an arrangement that is just 1 stem of orchid, 1 heliconia, 4 gerbera, 2 hydrangea, 3 mini pineapple and a couple of leaves ~ for £150?? no wonder florists get such a bad rep). Don't get me wrong; the bouquet we made included roses, lisianthus, lilies and anthuriums, which as not your cheap run of the mill flowers, but we think we still made it look worth the money spent on it. 

Sadly the photo (as always) doesn't do it justice on the size, but I can tell you it was almost 3ft wide and the same in height. The colours also haven't come out as well as I would have hoped, but it was all varying shades of pink, pink, creams and reds. Not colours we would have chosen to put together as a rule, but a trip to the wholesalers found us a wrap of mixed avalanche roses, that we beautiful; purchasing these for this order the dictated the rest of the colours needed to be used. 
As you can see from the photo above the pink rose was quite a bright shade, whereas the anthuriums were a great mix of pinky green. The other rose in the picture was a white avalanche rose. The red you can see behind the pink rose is a stem of astilbe. 
Above is the pink lisianthus used along with the cream avalanche rose. The green on the back of the anthuriums can also be seen in this photo. 

Such beautiful spring, delicate and pastel shades that worked beautifully together. 

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