Friday, 20 July 2012

Full of hot air?

no; that would be helium :) And plenty of it as this morning we (that means Sarah) had to blow up 200 balloons by 8am (202 were blown up in the end due to one popping - not the nicest thing at 6am - and the other had a minute hole in it and was hovering rather than floating).  Due to the latex being breathable there is no way the balloons can be blown up the night before, so that meant an early morning start (something Sarah is really not good at - she's a definite night owl).   Still as you can see they were all done in time, and made the shops workroom ceiling look a riot of colour.

Balloons everywhere
Add to these balloons, the 3 weddings (yes that's 3 on a Friday - most unusual) along with 175 individually wrapped gerbera for a local school; plus all the normal every day orders and you could say it's been a slightly busy day. Just how we love it.

The first wedding to go out today was an artifical one (our second in recent months) although this was actually for a renewal of vows, rather than a full on wedding. The couple are celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary, but the bride is wearing purple, so we chose to mix the 2 colours (reds and purples) and we think you'll agree they actually go really well together.

As you can see we made the bride a bouquet and the groom a buttonhole to match.

Our 2nd wedding today was for an equally lovely couple who were getting wed for the first time.  For this one we used fresh flowers.  Vendela roses, with yellow and lilac freesia, with some different foliages to tone and bring it all together.  Have to admit after using the vendela with those beautiful amnesia the other week, and not being sure they would go together, we had doubts about then using them with lilac and yellow, but yet again they have proved us wrong; there seems to be no colour they don't work with.

Tied bouquet of Vendela Roses with Lilac and Yellow Freesia
Our final wedding for today was something a little different to the norm as it consisted of Purple and Ivory calla lilies. We often use callas for a wedding but it's unusual for a bride to want to mix 2 different colours together. They either choose callas with roses or gerbera, in the same tones, or just a single colour.  The bridesmaid material was a shade of purple; not a cadbury purple though; it had an almost plum tone to it as well. The original plan was to use a black calla as these are one of the best to use when blendig with purple; then a trip to the wholesalers the other week produced a purple calla that the growers are now working and hoping to mass produce (grow but you know what we mean). At one time if we asked for purple they would have laughed at us (maybe there is hope yet for the brides that want lilac ones).  The colour isn't quite perfected as some were more purple than others, but they toned beautifully with the material swatch we had to match, and worked well with the Ivory ones too (even though being different sizes caused the air to turn blue a few times where they wanted to go in totally different directions to where Sarah wanted them to go). Thankfully they looked lovely in the end, and luckily for us the whole day has gone off without a hitch.  Let's hope our brides days have too.

Brides bouquet

Registrars/Top Table Arrangemnt

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