Monday, 2 July 2012

HMS Warrior

Before I tell you about our little outing to HMS Warrior on Saturday I would like to apologise to the Troll that has found it funny to click Boring on every single post we've written and who has left some pretty foul comments (shame nobody got to see them; you and your friends are the reason we vet all comments in the first place) for removing the reactions box and getting your ip blocked. Such a shame. 

So Saturday. We were honoured to go down to HMS Warrior and decorate the Half Deck for one of our brides. We've been there many times, but have never before remembered to take a camera with us. This time we did (well Sarah took her phone so the photos aren't perfect, but they're good enough). Actually the decoration - flower wise - was exceptionally simple, but worked so beautifully in such wonderful surroundings. If you have never visited the Warrior I would advise that you try to ( HMS Victory and The Mary Rose too of course as they are all in the same vicinity). 
Capstan on the Half Deck.
Basically all we had to do was wrap some ivy around the table ends; we popped 3 germini into mini phials (it was a hot day and they definitely needed water) and tied those around the tops - see photo below - as well as draping some over the top of the capstan - see above photo - this also had empty vases placed, ready for the bride and bridesmaids to pop their bouquets in to when they arrived.  As I say very simple, but perfect for such a magnificent ship. 
Table ends
I will admit I was very skeptical about using the red germini on the deck, as it can be very dark down there, but it seems the small amount of light that made it through actually ended up almost illuminating the brightness of the red, creating a perfect atmosphere. I am sure they looked equally as beautiful against the backdrop of the brides dress. As you can see from the photograph below they were a stunning colour. Her only stipulation when it came to the germini was that they were to be red (like the red on the union flag) and have black centres. I think we managed that just about right. 
Brides Bouquet
For the bridesmaids we used white germini (again with a black centre). I imagine the bridesmaids were in a red dress (we sadly never got to see them) but if they were then the white germini would most definitely have stood out against the material and they contrasted perfectly with the bridal bouquet. 
Bridesmaids bouquet
We did find ourselves with quite a bit of ivy left over, so took it upon ourselves to decorate some of the pillars on the deck too so that it didn't go to waste. I am sure our bride wouldn't have minded as we felt the area we decorated really did warrant us doing it; sometimes what they call an "executive decision" has to be made, so that's what we did. 

Sadly we didn't get to see the top table decorated as it hadn't been set up when we were there. Because the ship was still open to the public at that point, they couldn't pop a table going across the length of the deck. A shame we didn't see it finished as the bride had provided some lovely little jam jars with gingham ribbon tied round; into these we popped 3 germini, but we've been doing the job long enough now that we know how lovely they would have looked. 

All in all although we were working, we had a lovely day, and it was wonderful to spend those 2 hours below decks on such a majestic ship. Up on deck wasn't too bad either as we got to watch HMS Illustrious come back in to port. 

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