Thursday, 7 June 2012

Artificial Flowers

Actual size of the rose
I'm no lover of Artificial flowers as a general rule, and I definitely prefer fresh for weddings; but at the end of last month we were asked to make up a small artificial wedding in Reds/Ivories and I have to say when it was completed I absolutely loved it.

Obviously the flowers used for it really helped; we were lucky enough to get some proper silk (not just material) roses for the occasion and I have to say they were beautiful. The size of the heads were massive (I have in fact been able to enlarge the photo above to the actual size of the rose so you can see for yourself just how big and beautiful they were). Even the leaves on them didn't look too artificial, which is always a good thing, as the leaves can be the one bit that lets non-fresh flowers down. They always tend to look like they are material.

The brides bouquet (see picture below) although ending up huge, was also stunning and I can only imagine how lovely the bride would have looked walking down the aisle, carrying such a lovely looking bouquet. I really can't rate the flowers used highly enough and as I said we were so lucky to be able to get them.

Of course I won't ever stop advising brides to have fresh flowers, but with such great advances in artificial flowers and how great they can look these days, I have a feeling we will be getting more requests for them in the future (and if they look this good I may discover a new love for them myself).

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