Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where'd it go?

After waffling away to you all about nothing really yesterday, I logged on this morning to share more waffle with you, to find everything from yesterday is gone. Not to be found anywhere. For 3 hours I patiently waited as it uploaded a video and everything; now GONE.  The wonders of modern technology.  So now I have to start again :o)

I'm not going to go through the whole rigmoral of trying to upload the video on here again (I am sure that's what has caused the vanishing issue) so instead here is a link to it Don't get too excited; it's not one showing one of the staff going on some mad Ozzy Osborne rampage, ripping all the heads off the flowers :)  It is however (or was going to be) a preview to our latest slideshow presentation we have running in the shop window. However; now that it has vanished and we have the slideshow already up and running it's more a sequel than a prequel.

Yes that's right; we've got our patriotic heads on and have decorated the shop window all ready for the jubilee celebrations. The original plan was to do the whole window in white, with diamonds (fake ones of course; we're not that rich), but after chatting with some of our local customers about their thoughts on it (yes we do often confer with people for their opinions) it was regarded to be too bland for a celebration. We also got told this time of year white would get lost. As a result of this we have gone down the whole red, white and blue theme (which got 100% of the vote when we questioned people). I've attached a photo, but as always I can only take it from the side view, inside the shop, due to the nature of our windows and the reflection that bounces off them but you can see how there's not an ounce of any other colour in there (except the green leaves for those of you that are picky).

I did check before hanging the one you can see in the background, sideways. I know in some countries a flag hung upside down can be seen as a distress signal; I have actually been told off for hanging one the wrong way once, and didn't want that to happen again. As it was just as I was about to hang it we had a very high ranking military gentleman came in, and although he told me they will probably hang me later, I hadn't done anything wrong hanging it he way I have :o)   The one that makes up the main backdrop of the window is the right way up, but not totally hung correctly as it has been draped from one corner.

We haven't completely forgotten about the diamonds though; there is a diamonte ring hanging in the window that's had it's own touch of red, white and blue added to it.

View from behind.. I promise it looks better and makes sense from the front :o)

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