Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I've had a bit of a

change round. As you will realise if you are one of the lovely people that follow us on a regular basis (oh yes; I can see how many people visit each page - and am amazed how many of you there are that take the time to sit and read my waffle). The only bit I don't like is the Scan Box thingy (for scanning with your smart phone and getting our details stored on your phone - another marvel of modern technology) but for the life of me I can't get it to centre so it lines up with the other bits and pieces. At the moment it's looking quite untidy but I am sure I will find a way.  If you're reading this and it's lined up you know I've managed it. For those of you that haven't a clue what I am on about below  is a picture  :o) Amazing that a splodge of black shapes can give anyone in the world the shop details. It's all so clever.

As much as I liked the other layout (seeing all the pictures was pretty) a few people have said they got confused about where to click, how to open up a ramble to read it etc, so I've taken it back to basics (as such) with some extras. You will see there are now links to our FB, Twitter and Google+ pages as well as some slide shows (well there's no point doing any of this if we're not going to show off our work). I keep all the other pages up together as much as I do this blog (in other words not as often as I should) but if you're on one of the 3 main social networks we always like to recieve new friends and followers (as you can see we don't have many twitter followers at all). 

Nothing much has happened to go on about since yesterday but I did have a customer have a go at me on the telephone yesterday afternoon. He wasn't happy about the delivery areas we cover.  Now when we first moved to Fareham we worked on a 10 mile radius for deliveries (minus the Isle of Wight - yes there were people that thought we would deliver there because it fell in to the 10 miles). At the time this seemed like the best idea but as time went on we realised that some areas (although they fell within our mileage limit) just weren't cost/time effective. Along with that the busier we have come, the tighter we have had to pull in our areas. This meant that areas East of the Eastern Road, Portsmouth got dropped as did all areas west of the River Hamble at Lower Swanwick. I'd like to say it was a difficult decision to make but that isn't true. When we sat down and worked out just how much it was costing us, we realised it was our only option. Not only are there the fuel costs involved (at 29p per mile a trip to North End and back was costing £5.16. Add to this the time involved in getting there. On a good day (factoring in the drive, finding somewhere to park and then hoping someone will be in) we were looking at a 50 minute round trip. If we only paid our driver just the minimum wage we would need to add another £6.08 to this figure making a total cost of £11.24 (that's on a good day. Traffic jams can add another hour on). We were only charging £5 to deliver there so you can see we were losing over £6 with every delivery. These costs don't include the general vehicle running costs either: insurance: tax: servicing: mot's: repairs. Sadly people don't see this and the gentleman yesterday wanted us to deliver a £20 bouquet to Hamble (this £20 was to include the delivery charge). When I told him we don't deliver there he really had a go at me telling me it was just up the road, and how stupid we were to turn down business. Thankfully he didn't stay on the phone long; alongside that if we hadn't turned his order down, we could end up without a  business as we would always be out of pocket, and although we don't work to make millions (let's face it if we were in this for the money we would put our prices up) we do have bills that need to be paid.

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