Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Great British Bouquet?

Jubilee Special? or Patriotic Olympian? "What is she going on about now?" I can hear some of you saying.  Check out the photos' below and you will see exactly what I am on about. 

We had a discussion yesterday about whether we should do something a bit different for the Jubilee at the end of the month; beginning of next month. As you can see we came up with the idea of the colours from the Union Flag; also because the Red, White and Blue are colours always associated with us brits. Obviously blue can be a difficult colour to get in a flower, so we've had to make that up with the ribbons, more than the flowers, but we were quite pleased with how it's turned out. The one pictured above is a handtied in water and will retail at £35; we will have £27/£40 versions too. We are also offering a Traditional Style bouquet (see picture below) from £10 for those of you that may be going to a Jubilee party; it will be a great little gift to take your host. Unfortunately due to fuel/driver costs the £15 one is for collection only.  There will be a £22 version that can be delivered within our free area only, or a £30/35 version that can be delivered anywhere within our usual delivery area (subject to additional delivery charges as normal).
The plan was to roll it out from now until the 9th June (which is the end of the Jubilee week). Then it struck us, that in During July we have the olympics, so we will now run it until the penultimate day of the olypmic ending (Satuday 11th August).

Now this is where we have a dilemma. Because we are covering 2 massive events happening over here this year, we have no idea what to call it.  This is where your help is needed.  Great British Bouquet is the current favourite, but your ideas, thoughts and input is always appreciated; so if you have a different name we could use (non-rude ones please as we have to cater for people from all walks of life) then drop us a quick email (or comment on here, FB, Twitter or G+ ) and let us know what you think we should name it.

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