Monday, 30 April 2012

The scent from Sundays wedding

was glorious.
As usual the flowers arrived the day before the wedding to ensure they were fresh as can be, but also so they had a really good drink before being used. With White Peony, White Double freesia and Norma Jean roses there was no doubt there would be some kind of scent (if you haven't seen/experienced the scent of Norma Jean then you are missing out) but I didn't know just how wonderful it would be to walk through the doors yesterday morning, and be hit by something so wonderful;I couldn't help but smile. It's so unusual for flowers to have any kind of scent to them these days, so to have 3 different flowers, along with 3 different scents, in one bouquet was almost magical. Such a shame we couldn't say the same about the weather, but I am sure no amount of gale force winds, torrential rain and downright gloominess could have spoiled our lovely brides day.
The green viburnham among the flowers I think just gave it that edge. Classic but simple. Elegant but modern. The flowers/colours in this bouquet would work well with every style of dress.  It's not often we can say that about a bouquet.

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