Thursday, 19 January 2012

What do you all think?

The biggest problem we encounter in the shop when serving a customer is how to go about showing them what we can do and a price guide. Often we will have some bits made up which makes life easier, but there are times when it has been so busy, all the orders have gone out and we've just not had time to make up more. At this point we will load up the internet to give them an idea via the website, but the logistics of this are not the easiest as we have the computer tucked in a corner to save it getting destroyed by water, or flailing hands that may nudge it or knock it over.  When it comes to sympathy we do have a design guide from a few years ago when we used to belong to a relay service, but to be honest the designs in there are not that good and it can be embarrassing, so we had the thought of designing our own guide, using our photos, at our prices. What do you think?
Planned layout
 This is the kind of idea we were going for. These will be printed (professionally on wipe clean card) A4 size so that we can pop them into a folder, re-arrange how they flow through the book; as well as add or remove pages as we feel neccessary. Each page wiill have 2 photographs of our bouquets/arrangements or sympathy tributes, in toning colours to make it more visually attractive and it seems sensible to us to have colour co-ordination so customers aren't whipping backwards and forwards all the time. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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