Thursday, 12 January 2012

Look what I found

n the process of changing my phone over I came across a microsim that I had completely forgotten about; what should I find on there? That's right.  A load of pictures that I was sure I had taken, but had no idea where to find them. Now I've got them back.
Well if you're wearing Converse Trainers for your civil partnership, you need a buttonhole to match :o) 

I'm working on taking the backgrounds out (which can at times be a really, really long process) but once they are all done I will get them on to the picasa web album for you all to have a browse through. I'm sure I will be sharing some on here also. That is what it's all about after all.  The rose buttonhole above was for a civil partnership ceremony in June last year. It was a very casual affair with one of the grooms wearing those sequined converse shoes. He'd told me this and I knew he wouldn't mind if I jazzed up his buttonhole a bit, which as you can see I managed to do and he loved it. 
Taken at New Place in Hampshire, ready for the wedding

The above weren't taken at the same wedding (although they would have fitted in and worked really well with the colour scheme, but these were on the sim too and I loved making these. The whole wedding had to be purple and red (such an unusual conbination but colours that work perfectly together). It was the first time I'd had a bride ask for such colours, so I really enjoyed making them up.

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