Thursday, 26 January 2012

I'm beginning to see a pattern

appearing; Thursday seems to be the day for blogging.
So what do I have to share with you all today? Well first of all for you all you romantics out there let's not go forgetting that Valentines Day is fast approaching; in fact there are just over 2 weeks until that day of romance is upon us, so if you're planning of spoiling the one you love with some beautiful fresh roses; or if you're like some of us then a lovely mixed flower bouquet with a single rose in the centre could be just what you're looking for.
Hopefully by the weekend I will have got my finger out and the Valentines Page will be live on the website, ready for you all to order online (or via the telephone if you prefer).  Prcie wise we've managed to secure a good deal on the roses again this year so a dozen will be working out at £50. Now we realise this is a huge amount of money for a few flowers (believe me if we could get them cheaper we surely would) which is why we always suggest the mixed bouquet including 1 rose. Sadly thanks to the supermarkets naming their prices and getting their roses so cheap, we (the florists) are yet again charged the extra to cover what the growers are losing when they charge such a small amount; however, our roses will be fresh and we can guarantee they will be top quality, so although they may cost you more, their heads will be bigger, their stems will be longer, and their quality will be second to none. They won't be bought this week and kept in chillers until the big day.

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