Friday, 2 December 2011

Xmas has arrived

Some of the ceiling lights in the shop
both inside the shop and in the window. It's looking mighty festive and has already had some lovely comments, which is always a great thing. As you can see by the photo above we have blue hanging and flashing lights around the ceilings of the shop (the flashing ones sadly have to be turned off at night as they trigger the alarms) but the others are fine and thankfully don't set it off.  They work well as they draw the eye into the shop which is never a bad thing.  
Then there is the window. For the first time ever, we have gone all traditional with reds and golds. Part of the reason for this is because some friends of ours that had a shop donated some Xmas bits to us, and there are some gorgeously huge baubles in there, that are red and gold, and partly because most people this year seem to be going blues, silvers and whites (colours we've done regularly over the years, along with the purples, pinks and creams). Now as much as we try to steer clear of reds and golds we have to admit the window does look very, very festive.  The tree has also been decorated with the old fashioned multi coloured lights (they don't make them to last like those these days). We do have another tree style arrangement the opposite end to the tree that has just plain white lights on. At night it does look lovely even if we do say so ourselves.
By Monday evening we will have the Xmas selection on the website for you to choose from, as well as the first batch of Holly Wreaths. We know it's still to warm and doesn't feel like it, but Xmas is now only 22 days away. It has arrived. 
A side view of the window.. The smoked glass makes it difficult to capture a full on view

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