Monday, 21 November 2011

Taking a step back

to the beginning of October and the Pumpkin wedding we made up. The one we really loved making.  We now have photos of the lovely grooms and you can see what they thought of our smiling pumpkin in the photo below. 

I think they liked it. Many thanks Lloyd and Sam for allowing me to play. And huge thanks to their official photographer Chris Such for allowing us to use the photo. I'm so glad they sure the humorous side to me defacing their pumpkin (or should that be facing? ) 

Then we fast forward ourselves back to the present day as we are busy preparing for Christmas. Doesn't it seem weird to be thinking about Christmas with the weather being how it is at the moment? 

This year I think I am going to go traditional with the decorations and stick to the Reds and Golds (although that may change when we get the decoration Boxes (oh yes there are loads of them)) out of the loft. I'm sure I'll be posting photos but feel free to pop along to the shop to have a look in the flesh. Photos' just never do things justice.

Another thank you needs to go out to all our lovely customers that stuck with us and our revised opening times last week. Your patience and loyalty is so very gratefully appreciated. Our customers truly are the best.

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