Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Are you getting married

in 2012? Were you  (or someone you know) thinking of booking your wedding flowers with us? If so could we please ask you to consider booking the day ASAP. Having just booked another 3 in for next year, we have been through all our orders and almost EVERY Saturday between the 7th January and 15th September is fully booked. In the past week we have had to turn down 2 brides for the 23rd June. One of the brides begged us to get more staff in so we could squeeze her in, but the reason we will only do a maximum of 3 on one day, is so that we can make sure we give our full attention to each individual wedding. Adding more to a day could compromise our other brides, and that's not something we are willing do (even though it means we are losing out on work). Apologies if you are one of the brides we have had to turn away. We hate having to do that. 

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