Monday, 24 October 2011

Remembrance Sunday

Whilst it's never too early to prepare for this important day, we do also have to stick to a timetable, so the great news is we have our poppies in the shop ready for you to pop along and pin on. Wear your poppy with pride, as they say, however we can't put them out on display until Wednesday as that is when the official campain begins. 
To add to the normal paper poppies, this year we also have some little pin style ones (they're metal with enamal colouring on them and very sweet). Whereas the paper ones you can put whatever you would like in the pot, these metal pins we do have to charge £2 for but they are lovely and it's for a great cause. Don't think that means you can get away with keeping it and never buying another one in again in future years though. They look so much better when they are pinned into the centre of the paper ones so you can still dig deep and pop your coins in the box for years to come, but rather than use a normal pin to hold them on, you will be able to use your posh metal one.  As you can see by the photo below combining the 2 works well. 
Once halloween is over then we will be giving up the shop window to the Royal British Legion for displaying the poppies and some poppy wreaths for remembrance day and to show our support for such a worthwhile cause. We hope our lovely customers our there will make the effort to not only buy a poppy but wear it with pride. We know how tough times are for people, but It doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Any amount you can spare will help.

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