Thursday, 13 October 2011

People trying it on

Sadly this is a common occurance. In fact I have just this minute put the telephone down to another shop who were ranting that we hadn't delivered some flowers to a funeral director. At times like that it's nice to be able to say "yes we did at such and such a time.. They were taken in by so and so and signed for at ???" It's a sad time we live in when people will do but it's amazing how many people will try to get their money back for absolutely no reason. 
I learnt my lesson the hard way a few years back. I had made up a tribute for a funeral where the family didn't get on with each other and sadly were trying to out do each other on everything. One lady came in and kept telling me that she didn't really have the money to pay for the item she was ordering but she "had to show that lot up" (her words). The order was made and off it went to the funeral. 3 days later I get the lady on the phone hurling all kinds of abuse at me for the tribute sent out. Telling me the colours were wrong, it was dead and anything else she could think of. Shocked she had left it so long I asked her if she had any proof (not a nice thing to do but we were talking a lot of money) to which she emailed me a photo of a tribute that would NEVER have been allowed to leave my shop. However I had no proof I had made the item she had asked for and so I ended up having to refund her money. I found out later she had wandered around the cemetary to find a dodgy and old looking tribute. She had then attached her card to it and that's the photo she was showing me.  Ever since that day I have taken a photo of EVERY single item that leaves the shop, whether it be a submarine or just a single rose. The card is ALWAYS attached so it can be seen in the photo and signatures are acquired. When it comes to funerals we make them write a description of the item before signing for the tribute, so that we have backed ourselves up in the event someone was to try a similar thing. The original customer cost me a lot of money, but she did me a massive favour at the same time. I now have thousands of photos of my work, but also something to fall back on in the event someone else would be willing to try it on.

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