Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oh my

goodness. How long has it taken me to sort out a halloween window? Only 48 hours. And it's still not completely finished. 

I started Monday morning once all the contract customers orders were ready to go, along with the general bits and bobs, birthday flowers, anniversaries etc. It was about 11.30 by the time I actually got round to beginning. First thing was to get the bits out of the loft. The shocker was seeing just how much there was up there. Think I best not buy anything for a while. As you can see from the pictures on the left it wasn't a very tidy day. In fact it's not been a very tidy 3 days.

As I got started with the shop so a customer came in. Followed by another. And another. Add in umpteen phone calls and I'm sure you can imagine how it was. Actually maybe you couldn't because even I couldn't imagine the chaos I was surrounded by. I really need to plan better next time I decide to decorate the whole shop as well. 
The worst thing was I had to empty the window. By doing that I had to find somewhere for the vases to go. When I'd found a home for them  I then had to find somewhere for the baby bits to, and so on and so forth. Before I knew what was happening I had stock piled up here, there and everywhere. Then my wholesaler decided to put in an appearance. At one point there was only just about enough gap for customers to get through the shop door. They couldn't however wander around or into the shop and many were served with us both standing at the door. Thankfully not a single person complained and many were interested in what I was doing, which is always a nice thing. Chatting so long probably did me no favours but I love chatting to the customers. They are after all the reason I am here every day. 

As you can though it is finally finished and I'm really pleased with how it looks. There are bits everywhere though. The window is full and we have chandeliers and ghosts on the ceilings. The woman in between the flower stands is our regular halloween bride named Cordelia. She comes out to play every year in various different outfits and carrying differnent colours. She's not alone this year though. She has been joined by the lovely Vladimir Butlerski. He is attracting more than his fair share of attention. Someone has even set him up a Facebook page which is wildly entertaining. The response he's getting is phenomenal. I'm thinking maybe we should keep him all year round, as people have been told by their friends about him, and when they've come in to have a look they've either bought flowers to take away or placed an order. I'm more than happy for him to stay. I can see him dressed as Santa at Xmas and cupid for Valentines Day. We may even find some shorts, flippers and a snorkel for him during the summer.

Meet Vlad (the lad) Butlerski. The Newest member of the Moonstones Team.

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