Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I've had

a bit of a change around :) No idea why when next week I will be changing it all again for halloween. It might have something to do with the lovely artificial flowers that arrived this morning. As a rule I personally don't like artificial. However these are beautiful and very well made as well as being a great price (even more of a great price when you think they will last forever).
 Wanting to use them to their full advantage and to make the shop look more flowery and brighter I re-arranged the way the fresh flowers are laid out, and now have 2 seperate sections. One in the autumnal shades, and one section in the summery shades.
 Please excuse the lack of stock in both photos. They were taken after todays orders had been made up, and before the 2nd wholesaler arrived with more flowers for us. 
I've placed some vases of artificial in between the 2 fresh display areas and the whole effect is one of flowery loveliness. I've also added some to the shelving display unit.

Last but not least, the bunches of mixed artificial I placed in the vases we have in the window display so the window looks like it belongs to a florist, and not a pot shop. One of the worst things a florist can do is NOT have flowers in their window. We have a slight problem in that ours gets full sunshine from about 11 every morning, untl the sun goes down. As a result we have to have slightly tinted glass so our window is really best viewed at night, but we still fill it up and try to make it look as flowery as we possibly can. It's a pain at times when I would love to add lots of fresh displays to the window arrangements, but they would burn off and dry up in a matter of hours if I was to do so.

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