Friday, 28 October 2011

Have today taken

a HUGE gamble. Well it's huge in the world of Moonstones (with Sarah at the helm), but small in other florists terms. You see when it comes to plants there's not really much point in us buying them because they just never seem to last the week out. Green fingered we're not in here, so we normally avoid buying them. Also the hardware store over the road were already doing a roaring trade in plants when we opened up here and we didn't want to tread on their toes. Plus they sell a lot of theres cheaper than we can buy them, so we've only every really bothered at peak times (xmas, mothers day etc), but today? Well we've taken the plunge and bought some small mixed houseplants. 
There are 3 differing sizes priced from £1.95 to £2.85 so thankfully not a massive financial gamble. We did check across the road to make sure we weren't stepping on the hardware stores toes before purchasing them (thankfully they have no indoor plants so we are fine).  Although not huge (that would be devastating to lose large plants through our non-green fingers) they are exceptionally healthy little plants and we have a great feeling they will do well.  If not we have parents that have slightly greener hands than we do so we may be able to keep them going and give them a new lease of life. Watch this space. 

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