Sunday, 16 October 2011

a different

coloured wedding. We do love it when we get to do something different and recently we seem to be getting a lot of brides that want something a bit different, or something that is completely personal. Todays wedding was no exception. Yes we had another Sunday wedding. They are getting a wee bit too popular these days. Now and then it would be nice to have a day off. :o) 
Sadly the hotel were running really behind time so we couldn't take the registrars/top table arrangement photo (pic above) in situ but as you can see the colours were red and purple. Beautiful colourings.  Apparently red is the grooms favourite colour, and purple the brides, so they chose a colour scheme incorporating both or their favourite colours, which I think is lovely as it makes it so very personal to the 2 of them.  As you will see from the photo below the archway was a mix of the 2 whilst being separate at the same time. The bride asked for one side to be purple, the other red but the middle to be a combination of the 2 to symbolise the joining together of the pair of them. I think this is a wonderful idea. 

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