Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Logged on to add some more random waffling to this and it's all changed. I think I like it. In fact I know I like it. Spent more time playing with the different layouts than I needed to, but that's part of the fun of it all. In the end as you can see I have settled on the Magazine layout. I thought this the nicest looking and easiest to navigate, however if you're not happy with it there is a drop down bar on the left hand side that allows you to change the view to whatever you feel most comfortable with. Good old google. Gotta love them.

So what's new in the world of Moonstones I hear you asking? To be honest not a lot at this present moment in time. We've been so busy in the shop we've not had chance to get out and buy anything new or make up any new bits and pieces. We are hoping to get out at the weekend and treat the shop to a new range of artificial flowers. We have sourced a great supplier, that has some natural looking artificial, and as we are often asked if we sell them, we thought it about time to got some in stock. We're particularly interested in the Oranges and Purples (ready for the halloween display we have planned) and the red poppies in time for remembrance Sunday. 

As you can see last year we went down the slightly childlike route for our halloween window display. We will keep a lot of the same items for this year, but instead of just decorating the window itself, we plan on making the whole shop part of the window. I'm not the best at explaining things, but hopefully if it works and I can pull it off I will post some photos and it should make sense. We will be sticking with the purples and oranges and still keeping the childlike bits. There would be nothing worse than making the whole display morbid or dark. At the end of the day customers have to feel comfortable when they walk through the doors. We do find it quite disrespectful when some shops have tombstones in their halloween windows, as sadly we are dealing with customers who have just lost a loved one and the last thing they should be faced with is a reminder of the sorrow they are experiencing.

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