Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I've been told off

Apparently I waffle too much about things I don't really need to waffle about. That's what we like to hear. Feedback (regardless of what kind) is always good so thank you for pointing that out (you know who you are) However in my defence I do get excited about the work we do (even after all this time) and am proud of how well business is and the wonderful feedback we are constantly getting. Another 3 cards in the past 2 days. 
The shower bouquet we've recieved a thank you for this week :)

The table decoration for the beautiful orange wedding that we had thanks for the day after and have recieved a card for this week.

The fabulous, funky coloured handtied we have also recieved a thank you that we made at the end of July. Sadly I had to take the photo on my phone and it's not picked up the colours as they should be. The gerbera that look purple were actually cerise pink and the peachy looking roses were a bright orange. It was fab and funky.

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