Monday, 8 August 2011


Those are the only words we can use to describe Saturdays bride. She looked stunning. Thankfully the flowers looked pretty good as well :)  It was so nice to do a different colour.  Orange and White. Never done that colour scheme in 25 years, and they worked so perfectly in the church and the reception afterwards that we couldn't help but feel pleased with ourselves. And this very morning the bride has emailed and followed up with a telephone call to say thank you.
It was so nice to get to the weekend and work on wedding flowers as sadly most of last weeks orders seemed to be sympathy tributes.  Some were even for a young boy. That's the hardest part of this job. Making the flowers for young ones is always so difficult. It never ceases to amaze me how together the families are at such a difficult time. What they must be going through could never be imagined, yet somehow they manage to keep it together enough to sort out what needs sorting. My heart breaks for them each and every time. Sadly we have to remain professional at all times and put our own feelings to the back of our mind, but it is so very hard.  We constantly want to just hug the customer and let them cry it out, but we can't.  There are times when keeping it professional haven't been as easy as they should be.  Years ago I was dealing with a really sweet little elderly lady who had just lost her husband. They never had children and she had no family left. He was all she had in life and I sat and I sobbed with her as I was taking her order. Totally unprofessional, but I couldn't stop myself.  The only other time was a few years ago when a guy in his late 60's had passed away. He had a grown up family, but had re-married and had another daughter later in life. She had just turned 8 at the time of his passing and she came in with her older sisters determined to organise the flowers herself for her Dad. She was so brave to do so and in the end I had to walk away and lock myself in the bathroom where I cried my eyes out. Having lost my own Dad I know what it feels like, but I wasn't quite so young and her bravery was testament to her. I am sure her family must have been so proud. I would have been if she had been my daughter.

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